What is the Transfer Scholars Network?

The Transfer Scholars Network is an invitation-only virtual platform that connects high-achieving community college students with dedicated admissions representatives from 12 top four-year colleges that have some of the most generous financial aid programs in the nation.

Who are Transfer Scholars?

Transfer Scholars are a select group of the best and brightest students from nine community colleges across the country.

You have been nominated as a Transfer Scholar by leaders at your current institution, both for your accomplishments in school and in your community. These achievements suggest that you would be competitive for admission to some of the nation’s top colleges. As you consider other options such as your public flagship and other local universities, we hope you will also consider this exclusive opportunity.

By joining the Transfer Scholars Network, you will receive ongoing support from staff at these 12 four-year institutions to navigate the transfer process, including the admissions application, financial aid forms, and opportunities for credit transfer.


"If somebody would say to me that I would be a Jack Kent Cooke Scholar, that I would go to an Ivy League school with a full scholarship, that I would graduate at the top of my community college and give a speech in front of 7,500 people, I would say that must be a good joke."

Sagar Chapagain
Sagar transferred from the Community College of Baltimore County to Cornell University and now attends the University of Nebraska College of Medicine.

What Institutions Are Part of the Network?

Twelve highly selective colleges and universities have joined the Transfer Scholars Network to identify and recruit talented students from nine high-achieving community colleges, recognizing the invaluable impact they have on their campuses.

Highlighting Our Transfer Destinations

Learn why each of our four-year partners are joining us in this effort and how they hope to increase the number of exceptional community college students on their campuses.

Bowdoin College Logo
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Logo

"The lived experiences and perspectives community college transfer students bring to Amherst are essential to our dynamic academic and social fabric. By partnering with the Transfer Scholars Network, Amherst hopes to further expand transfer pathways for community college students looking for a four-year institution where they will be valued, supported, challenged, and celebrated."

Alexandra Hurd, Associate Dean of Admission at Amherst College | Private liberal arts college

"Bowdoin is excited join the Transfer Scholars Network and the other partner schools to build supportive and effective pathways from community college to and through four-year institutions like ours, and the opportunity to review and welcome community college transfer to students to Bowdoin in the future."

Whitney Soule, Dean of Admissions and Student Aid at Bowdoin College | Private liberal arts college

"Cornell’s mission since 1865--‘any person, any study’—has always meant welcoming transfer students, a number that has now swelled to more than 600 each year! Each brings fresh insight and motivation into classes and across our big Ithaca campus."

Jonathan Burdick, Vice Provost for Enrollment at Cornell University | Private research university

"MIT’s transfer students form a special and unique community on campus... in addition to their diverse college backgrounds, transfer students bring a wealth of talents, life experiences, and academic promise."

Jeremy Weprich, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions at Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Private research university

"Mount Holyoke is honored to join the Transfer Scholars Network because it aligns with our long-standing commitment to access and a four-decade history of partnering with community colleges nationwide to identify and enroll talented transfer students. Transfer students have and continue to enrich our diverse community and we hope that our participation in the Transfer Scholars Network will increase enrollment, open doors, and simplify the pathway to Mount Holyoke’s robust educational opportunities."

Carolyn Dietel, Director of Transfer Affairs at Mount Holyoke College | Private women's college

"Pomona College thrives on diversity of all kinds, including educational background. With students from 60 countries in our student body of 1,700, we value the different perspectives and educational journeys of all students, including those who come to us from community colleges. They engage in funded research, run student organizations, give campus tours, and start literary journals… name anything that any other student accomplishes on our campus and community college transfers do it."

Tina Brooks, Associate Dean and Transfer Coordinator at Pomona College | Private liberal arts college

"Beyond the prodigious intellectual gifts they share with every Princeton undergraduate, transfer students bring an emotional maturity and discipline to their work earned through their life experiences. The whole motivation of the transfer program was to bring students with a broader array of perspectives to Princeton, and it has certainly accomplished that."

Keith Shaw, Director of Transfer, Veteran, and Non-Traditional Student Programs at Princeton University | Private research university

"Students who transfer to Smith join a welcoming community where academic excellence is nurtured and valued. They report a distinctive environment in which their motivation and self-discipline are celebrated. Transferring to Smith provides a pathway for students to become their most powerful selves."

Deanna Dixon, Dean of Admission at Smith College | Private women's college

"We are focused on enrolling and recruiting community college students because we believe that this population has the potential to offer such a vast level of knowledge, creativity, maturity, and resilience to our campus."

Christy Johnson, Assistant Director of Admissions at Spelman College | Private women's and historically Black college

"The diversity at Swarthmore is what makes us the collaborative, culturally rich community it is today, and transfer students are a vital members of our community. Swarthmore is honored to partner with the Transfer Scholars Network to develop opportunities for community college transfer students to achieve their goals."

Lisa Shen, Assistant Director of Admissions at Swarthmore College | Private liberal arts college

"At Williams, community college transfer students have contributed deeply to the community. Their life experience gives them a unique perspective among their peers on campus, but it also imbues them with leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills that are at the heart of the college’s educational mission. It's been remarkable to see all the ways transfer students impact life on campus."

Alex DiAddezio, Assistant Director of Admission at Williams College | Private liberal arts college

"I strongly believe that it is important for our student body to really reflect diverse backgrounds and perspectives... And I do think that community college students and non-traditional students and student veterans all bring a very different perspective to campus and can really add to the discussions both inside and outside of the classroom."

Patricia Wei, Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Yale University | Private research university

Who Is Eligible to Join the Network?

Students from diverse backgrounds and all points of the postsecondary journey have been selected to join the Transfer Scholars Network, including students from high school, the military, and the workforce.

Leaders at our nine community college partners nominate these students in recognition of their achievements at their institutions, which indicate they're capable of thriving in a four-year setting.

Is The Four-Year Experience Affordable?

As a part of their participation in the Transfer Scholars Network, four-year partners aim to extend generous financial aid packages to admitted students, reducing the cost of an experience that may otherwise be out of reach. In many instances, they are also able to offer additional scholarships and grants for room and board and other related expenses.

How Can You Join the Transfer Scholars Network?

Begin the process by completing this simple form here, which asks for information about your academic qualifications and any other leadership, service, extracurricular, and personal experiences. From there, dedicated admissions staff from the participating four-year institutions that you indicated an interest in will reach out to discuss how to begin your transfer journey, whether for this upcoming fall or fall 2022.

About the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship

In addition to the opportunity to apply to join the Transfer Scholars Network, you may be eligible for this highly selective scholarship for community college students seeking to complete their bachelor’s degrees. Each Cooke Scholar has access to generous financial support for two to three years, college planning support, ongoing advising, and the opportunity to connect with the thriving community of fellow Scholars.